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The LEAD Program

Certificate program

We are excited you are interested in The LEAD Certificate Program. By attending various LEAD and ASU events throughout the academic year, you have the opportunity to earn a certificate in one (or more) of the following categories: Leadership Development, Academic Resiliency, and Mindful Living.

The certificates

  • Leadership Development

    Earning a certificate in Leadership Development means a student has developed the skills necessary to recognize their own ability to lead themselves and others through attending various events that provide the space to practice those skills. Students will attend events on campus that challenge and encourage their own strengths as a leader.

  • Academic Resiliency

    Earning a certificate in Academic Resiliency means a student has attended events in order to grow their proficiency in an academic area, whether that be attending a writing center event or going to a workshop about how to improve study skills. Students will focus on their own academic success and gain a deeper understanding of what that means to them.

  • Mindful Living

    Earning a certificate in Mindful Living provides students the space to focus on self-care and mindfulness. Events students can attend in order to earn this certificate will focus on personal wellness; whether that be emotionally, physically, spiritually, or mentally. A mindful living certification will help students focus on their own habits and practices and evaluate those.

How it works

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Complete the LEAD Certificate form for each event attended for it to be recorded and counted towards the certificate program(s).

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