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Become a mentor

Students — you can become a mentor, too!

After you have completed the LEAD program during the fall and spring semester of your freshman year, you can then apply to become a LEAD mentor.

What does it mean to become a LEAD mentor?

In this role, you will be a mentor to the next incoming class of freshmen entering the program! You will be placed in a specific cohort class of 20-40 freshmen, and attend your cohort class once a week to help mentor the students. As a mentor, you will be matched with first-year students and will work five to ten hours a week. When applying for this job, we look for positive, motivated, and well-rounded students to join the team that oversees the LEAD program. This is a co-curricular position which requires enrollment in a 1-credit leadership course. Applications open every Spring for the next academic year.

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