LEAD is a program in which first-year students are grouped into cohorts, supported by mentors, and take a specific series of classes together through their year, learning crucial skills for their continued success while building strong relationships with their peers.

Why should I join?

Join a cohort of 20-40 students who will take the same specific set of classes with you throughout your first year.

Taking courses together gives everyone a sense of community and builds strong relationships crucial to a first year experience, instead of feeling alone and unsupported.


LEAD cohort classes are designed to teach you skills that you’ll need for your continued success at ASU, as well as in your career ahead, such as time management, presentation skills, communication, and more.

Success Coaching

Each cohort is supported by a LEAD Success Coach. The LEAD Success Coach provides guidance and support to LEAD students as they transition from high school to college life.

Certificate Program

Certificates are optional, but a great way to supplement the program. These certificates are earned through attending select activities and events.