LEAD Success Coach

Students get a LEAD Success Coach?

Yes! The LEAD program provides LEAD Success Coaches that have been through the program during their freshman year, so all the mentors are well-informed and trained on the coursework and expectations in the classes.

LEAD Success Coaches are current students in their sophomore year and above! What is so fantastic about this, is that LEAD Success Coaches can strongly relate to their students as they are going through similar college experiences alongside them. The LEAD Success Coaches completed the LEAD program during their freshman year, and chose to further be involved in the program by becoming a LEAD Success Coaches to help mentor current students in the LEAD program. The role of your LEAD Success Coaches are to help support and guide students as they build a solid foundation during their freshman year, so they can be successful throughout their entire college experience and after!

LEAD Success Coaches are here to help students in any way possible. The role of a LEAD Success Coach is to support, help guide, and provide resources for everything a student might need to know about college life at ASU while pointing them in the right direction during their first year!

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