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UNI 110: Critical Reading and Thinking

3 Credits

Designed to improve critical thinking skills through active discussions, debates, and writing with an emphasis on argument analysis and information literacy. Students develop strategies to enhance critical thinking utilizing a range of sources. This class teaches interdisciplinary strategies that can be applied to assist with interpreting, analyzing, critically evaluating, and writing about a variety of ideas.

Fulfills the "L" Literacy requirement.

Course Topics

The following topics will be covered:

  1. Analytical skills
  2. Effective communication
  3. Research and inquiry
  4. Open-minded skepticism
  5. Problem solving
  6. Argument v. rhetoric
  7. Interdependence

You’ll learn to apply these skills in your academic and professional pursuits to assist you in interpreting,
analyzing, critically evaluating, and writing about a variety of ideas.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop self-confidence in writing and speaking about challenging ideas and topics
  2. Engage in the process of research and inquiry
  3. Demonstrate information literacy skills
  4. Debate the validity of ideas, opinions and issues
  5. Develop intellectual flexibility and tolerance for ambiguity
  6. Execute a large-scale project on a controversial issue


In my past, I would try to use an aggressive style of speech to try and overpower my opponent. At that point, I would most likely be frustrated or impatient with somebody, so I would raise my voice to make sure that I was heard, in efforts to invalidate other people’s opinions in an argument. This class taught me how to listen effectively and how to be respectful and patient and, for the things that I did not understand, be open-minded and tolerant to the things that we do not know.


The most important things I have learned while attending this class is just how to critically think, and how I need to form my own opinion on subjects based on facts and evidence; instead of forming my ideas through what others tell me. Learning to be aware of my emotional intelligence has also helped me to control my actions and to think before acting or speaking. A lot of my reactions and interactions are based on impulses and I need to improve on thinking critically in all settings so that I may avoid bad decisions.


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