A two-week program that helps first-year indigenous students adjust to campus life, build friendships and identify mentors.

Native Transfer Scholars

A two-week orientation program for indigenous transfer students to ASU. The program is currently being redesigned. 


The Native American Achievement Program (NAAP) helps American Indian students succeed at ASU and graduate in a timely manner by supporting their academic endeavors. The program is divided into two years: NAAP I in the first year and NAAP II in the second year.

Mentor U

Mentor U @ASU is a career-focused mentoring program thatcollaborates with professionals to help students corroborate theirmajors.

Graduate Pathways

Graduate Pathways is a two-day conference that educates and helps American Indian students about successfully applying to enter their graduate school of choice. The conference will assist participants in preparing competitive applications, learning about graduate programs, and networking with mentors.