Digital Peer Communities

   Leveraging technology to unlock our strongest asset: us.

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Calling all nerds.

Digital Peer Communities are open forums and resource libraries for everyone in a community to ask questions, collaborate, and support each other.

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Any topic. Really.

It's not just math or engineering where a thousand brains are better than one: what about stress management? Finances? Housing? First year in college? Or even changing a car tire? Digital Peer Communities can provide a space where groups of interest can figure it all out together.

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All the people. Anytime.

Digital Peer Communities are built for the 21st century. Collaborate, ask questions, and access resources around the clock, with thousands of others.

How can I leverage the benefits of a Digital Peer Community?



Like a study hall, but online, and turned up to 11

Since thousands of learners are doing the same material, figuring out the same stuff, chances are someone's got the answer: especially if there's an expert moderating the community, and whose whole job is to support everyone's success.

Digital Peer Communities bring all learners together, online, anytime and anywhere. All materials are searchable and one (or two) clicks away. It's like Googling for help, except that it's relevant, local and Sun Devil-vetted.



Hands-off, 24/7 academic support your students. All of them.

Add your community on Canvas and let the conversation start right from within the course.

Not only are your students being supported, they're helping one another.



Student support at scale

Digital Peer Communities aren't limited to the classroom! In fact, they can live on in your service unit website. From communities created around housing or finances, to forums for prospective students or alumni, find out what learners have on their mind and chime in to support them and create better, even more relevant resources for all members. That's the power of community.

Digital Peer Communities in action

  • Resources + Training

    Visit ASU's Learning Experience (LX) page to get started with adding InScribe to your learners' experience..

  • Powered by InScribe

    Connect. Contribute. Collaborate.

    InScribe leverages the power of community + artificial intelligence to connect individuals to the answers, resources, and people they need to succeed.

  • Academic Support at ASU

    Finding Calculus limits— at scale.

    In 2021, Arizona State University's University Academic Success Programs launched a Digital Peer Community to support students in select math courses with high enrollments.

    Thousands of course support materials were made accessible on the community page (including reference sheets, textbook references, and videos), tagged and indexed so they could be easily searched for. Tutors provided timely feedback to student questions.