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Supporting Working Learners

Here’s a handy homepage for supporting your supervisor needs. 

Basic pointers

1. Set time to regularly meet with your student worker

If you already do this, great! Beyond going over basic project updates, think about ways to share the big picture with student workers, who are often left out of the loop. Understanding their role within a larger context is key to workplace empowerment and investment.

2. Support their professional goals

Start an ongoing conversation about their professional goals. What kind of field and specialization are they interested in developing or exploring? What opportunities are they seeking in this position? Try adjusting their work to support their professional goals: they’ll be more motivated and you’ll see more results. Win-win!

3. Review their portfolio with them

Take time to review their portfolio reflections with them. If applicable, offer your professional insights. But remember: you’re here to empower, not to lecture. Honor their perspectives and choices.