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Being a Working Learner

Your working learner journey

Here’s a handy homepage where you’ll find resources and links to assets for your Working Learners journey. For your convenience, your portfolio access and badges can be found in your micro-course shells on Canvas

How to be a working learner

1. Take some time to write down your professional goals

If you already do this, great! It seems really basic, but just writing and organizing your goals can make the future more concrete. Talk these over with your supervisor, and discuss short-term actions you can take to advance your goals.

2. Think big picture!

Beyond just the work you’ve been asked to do, ask about what the bigger picture is. If you were the director of your unit, what would you do? Take the initiative and be bold: ask tough questions, and suggest changes to your supervisor. There will be many no’s to every yes, but that’s just life!

3. Seek opportunities to advance your goals

Is your current work supporting your professional goals? If not, what can you do differently? Are there opportunities you can see within your workplace that you’d love to be a part of? Bring it up to your supervisor, and come up with solid plans to pursue them.