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It's no surprise that success in the workplace is more than being good at one specific skill. Professionals juggle multiple problems at a time, from how to work with team members, understanding and applying data, navigating difficult ethical choices, and so on. 

If you’re looking to sharpen these crucial professional skills and mindsets, University College offers these handy half-credit courses that fit easily into your schedule. These courses provide experiences, paired with reflective activities to be published in a portfolio.  

There are no prerequisites for these courses. These courses are part of the Working Learners Program and the Experiential Learning Network.

Course nameDescriptionEnroll
Civil DiscourseThis course will help you navigate the day-to-day challenges of dealing with cultural diversity in places of employment. It will enable improved communication skills to prepare you to respond responsibly in settings with employers, co-workers, and clients.View on ASU class search
Critical ThinkingCritical Thinking will teach you the process to analyze a problem from a variety of perspectives through an experiential learning project.View on ASU class search
Ethical Decision-MakingReflect on your personal values, review how well they align with your decisions and actions, learn about different approaches to ethical decision-making, and apply those different approaches to current ethical dilemmas.View on ASU class search
Informational and Data LiteracyWe live in a world where information is at our fingertips. Understanding which types of information and data are meant to inform, or which are meant to manipulate, will help you to be a leader in your endeavors.View on ASU class search
Self and Cultural UnderstandingHow does your background influence how you view this ever changing world? What are some of your academic and social goals while at Arizona State? This micro-course on intercultural competency will begin the journey of exploring these questions and more.View on ASU class search
TeamworkMaster the four cornerstones of teamwork: team building, empathy, adaptability, and mutual outcomes to effectively work as a team member in any academic and professional environment!View on ASU class search
Time ManagementIn this course you will learn different strategies, skills and ideas for time management. Through your experiential work and learning journey you will dive into the different levels of time management.View on ASU class search
Effective Dialogue SkillsThis course will teach you enhanced communication skills, knowing when and how to communicate, as well as why we communicate the way that we do.View on ASU class search

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If professional success is a dish, University College micro-courses are the staple ingredients. Whether you choose the course Self and Cultural Understanding or Critical Thinking or Effective Dialogue Skills, you’re sure to boost your workplace efficacy and confidence.