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About the program

The experiential learning grant program was established to allow students to engage in experiential learning activities when funding is a barrier to participation. Each fall and spring, the Office of the University Provost will offer grants to help students participate in study abroad, unpaid internships and unpaid undergraduate research activities. Dependent on need, grants will range from $1,500—$3,000. Grants can be utilized for the fall, spring or summer terms.

Grant applications for 2021 are now closed.

Experiential Learning

Arizona State University is measured by whom it includes and how they succeed. The university embraces a commitment to ensuring that all students are afforded an enriching and holistic educational experience, encompassing all facets of student life in and outside the classroom.

We recognize the impact experiential learning can have on your academic success, sense of well-being, and career readiness. Experiential Learning, in simplest terms, relates to learning where skills and knowledge are acquired from hands-on experiences. Experiential Learning can include internships, study abroad, research, service learning, practicums and engagement in student organizations.


Experiential learning opportunities

Need help finding an opportunity? Explore the experiential learning activities at the sites below. Please note that in addition to the activity's requirements, the Experiential Learning Grant Program has its own eligibility requirements.

Unpaid Research

Opportunities that provide students with opportunities to apply research practices, theories, methods and techniques within a discipline or multiple disciplines beyond the classroom will be considered. These may include a college’s undergraduate research and creative activity program; supporting activities conducted in an ASU lab or functional research department; and/or supporting a faculty member on their scholarly research or creative activity. Opportunities must be affiliated with an ASU faculty, staff, or program.

Study Abroad

There are 250+ international programs in more than 65 different countries offered through ASU’s Study Abroad Office. Programs can be as short as a week and as long as a year (and anything in between). Only programs through the ASU Study Abroad Office will be considered for the grant program. Students must have an active application to an ASU-sponsored study abroad program by the grant deadline.

Unpaid Internships

The grant is intended to fund full-time or part-time unpaid internship positions. The internships should align with the student’s field of interest with the goal integrating knowledge learned in the classroom with opportunities for application. Within the internship, the student may work with practitioners in the field, gain professional knowledge through observation or be given opportunities to work on field-specific projects.