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What if you could change your academic trajectory with a single course? Become more confident researching, writing and speaking about challenging ideas? Discover ways to stay focused and meet goals? Boost your GPA? Develop greater emotional intelligence and understand more about how your mindset and perceptions are influencing your behavior and success?

Ah, yes, please!

University College's academic success and refresher offerings can help you do that — and more!

They are open to students in all majors and focused on helping you learn skills to thrive at Arizona State University and beyond.


What are UNI success courses @ ASU all about?

University College Success Courses

UNI 110: Critical Reading and Thinking

Improve critical reading and thinking skills through active discussions, debates, and writing. Learn how critical thinking strategies apply to your other courses as you analyze and write about a variety of ideas. (3 Credits)

UNI 194: Focusing on Academics

Looking for a 3-credit course that will allow you to focus on your passions and interests? Look no further than UNI 194: Focusing on Academics! In this course, students develop academic skills by choosing a topic of their interest and exploring it in depth over the span of 7.5 weeks.

UNI 294: Mindset Connections

Explore the connection between mindset beliefs and your individual strengths. Learn skills to achieve your academic, leadership, and professional goals. (1 Credit)

UNI 120: Academic Success Seminar

Explore strategies for creating success at ASU and in life. Topics and research discussed in class will give you all the tools you need to excel academically, socially, and emotionally. (1 Credit)

UNI 220: Academic Refresher

Looking for strategies to take your success to the next level? Want to feel more connected with the college experience? Are you up to the challenge of realizing your potential? Leave no stone unturned on the path to your success in this dynamic, seminar-style course. (1 credit)

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