Native American Achievement Program


The Native American Achievement Program (NAAP) helps American Indian students succeed at ASU and graduate in a timely manner by supporting their academic endeavors. The program is divided into two years: NAAP I in the first year and NAAP II in the second year.



The Native American Achievement Program provides professional, academic and emotional support to empower and retain students at Arizona State University.


With rich backgrounds and valuable experiences, NAAP Scholars come to ASU representing their family, community, Nation/Tribe. The NAAP helps participants achieve success in higher education by easing the transition to campus life, encouraging academic excellence, and supporting persistence to the second year along with graduation from ASU. In this journey, the wisdom of traditional elders and leaders is key to continued growth and development. This wisdom, along with holistic and balanced growth and development (physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually), is essential to success in higher education and in life. It is the philosophy of the NAAP to continually foster that holistic and balanced growth/development so that scholars may build personal integrity, self-confidence, self-esteem, motivation, and in the process become better contributors to themselves and their community.

How NAAP helps students:

  • Assisting with the transition to ASU by creating an environment that emphasizes involvement, inclusion and identification with the ASU community;
  • Identifying accessible academic and personal development services for NAAP recipients;
  • Enhancing awareness of career development;
  • Easing any difficulty in understanding of the ASU system; and
  • Discussing, developing strategies, and advocating changes to improve the accessibility, retention and education opportunities for students at ASU

For information about NAAP I/II, contact AISSS at