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Gates Foundation Emergency Fund

This award has allowed me to focus on being a fulltime student and has helped with basic living expenses like utilities and groceries.

Gates Foundation Emergency Fund Application

This grant is being provided in support of currently enrolled Indigenous students, being disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. Please read the contents thoroughly to ensure you understand the process and eligibility requirements.           


  • Part-Time (six credit hours minimum) and Full-time ASU students in good academic standing (2.00 minimum for undergraduates; 3.00 minimum for graduates) are eligible to apply.
  • The one-time award is based on student needs up to a maximum of $500 for the 2020-2021 academic year.
  • To be considered, students are required to submit the online application answering the three questions below, and upload financial hardship document(s) to verify emergency need.
    • To verify financial hardship, students must upload at least one of the documents listed below, which shows the student’s name as the customer, account holder or employee:
      • Eviction notice
      • Current bank statement with balance
      • Layoff or furlough notice from employer
      • Shut-off notice for utilities
      • Other

The grant may have been what helped me continue my studies and my future overall. I am very thankful for the financial aid and uplifting spirit you provided.

Step I

To be considered, students are required to first submit the online application answering the three questions below, and upload an attached document to verify financial hardship. 

1) Why are you requesting emergency funds?

  • Housing and Basic Needs: Limited to emergency funding needed for food and essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Reimbursement(s): Approved funds may be used for reimbursement of expenses which have already been paid within the past 45 days. Payments for future bills will not qualify.  Uploaded verification documents must include the student applicant’s name on the invoice, lease, for internet and/or mobile phone bills, personal medical/health-related services, residential rent/mortgage, other.  NOTE: Reimbursements made with the Gates Foundation Emergency Grant funds are a one-time exception due to the unique situation the COVID-19 pandemic has had on students.
  • ASU Bookstore:Purchases include textbooks, class materials and academic supplies.
  • AISSS Verizon Hotspot: Services can be requested through this application process for internet connectivity. As an alternative, ASU Library services offers a laptop/Hotspot loaner. Please visit: https://lib.asu.edu/laptops-and-hotspots.

*This grant does not cover: gift cards,cash advances, construction related activities (remodeling, repair or maintenance activities), fines, penalties, late fees, and loans.

2) How is the current COVID-19 situation impacting your education?

3) What are your future academic and career goals as they pertain to your personal/cultural background? 

*After review of the application to determine financial hardship and need, students will be sent an email correspondence to communicate approval or denial status.  Approved applicants will receive instructions to proceed to Step II       

This award has helped me with continuing on with my education. I honestly think without it I most likely would have withdrawn during the semester.

Step II

Students must be prepared to provide all necessary information and documentation regarding how the awarded funds will be used/expended. 

Due to the number of applications we anticipate receiving during this time of crisis, students who receive favorable “approval” must upload ALL required documents within 48 hours. Failure to provide the required information will forfeit the emergency grant award. 

Step III

Impact Statement Requirement: Students who receive assistance through the Gates Foundation Emergency Funds will be required to submit an “impact statement”.

If you have questions, please contact: Student Success & Retention Coordinators:

Vickie Baldwin | (602) 496-0355 | Vickie.Baldwin@asu.edu or Claudia Dagnino | (602) 543-6290 | Claudia.Dagnino@asu.edu


Please apply at this Google form