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Programs and Services

In University College you'll find the people and programs at the heart of ASU’s promise to be a university measured not by whom it excludes, but by whom it includes and how they succeed. University College aims to offer every possible means of support to help you achieve your goal of graduation and our programs serve students on all ASU campuses.

You'll find a student-centered approach in which you are treated as a unique person. We all learn in different ways and come to college with a range of life experiences, responsibilities and academic preparation. Our services are ever evolving to reflect student, staff and faculty feedback as well as theories of student learning and student development.

University College is home to ASU’s academic support units:

American Indian Student Support Services offers …

  • A home base for connecting American Indian students to one another and to staff and American Indian faculty role models and professional mentors 
  • Resources to support all aspects of the ASU experience
  • SPIRIT two-week early-start transition program
  • Graduate Pathways: Road to Success Conference to support undergraduates’ pursuit of graduate degrees 

First-Year Success Center offers …

  • Holistic and customized 1:1 peer success coaching for freshmen, sophomores, and first-year transfer students
  • Group coaching events
  • A variety of online coaching resources

University Academic Success Programs offers …   

  • Free subject-area tutoring in-person and online for math, science, business, and engineering
  • Free writing tutoring in-person and online for any class or writing assignment
  • Free academic skills tutoring to help students stay on track, improve academic skills, and develop effective study habits
  • Free supplemental instruction (SI) that offers weekly group sessions for specific courses, to discuss course content, compare notes, and share study strategies

Success Courses offers

  • Classes to help you build academic and life skills, resiliency, and emotional intelligence you can use to be more successful at ASU and beyond.