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Major and Career Exploration: Chun Tao

"We embrace you where you are currently, so it doesn't matter what brought you to the program; what matters to us is how we can support you from here to create the future for you that makes the best fit for you."

Pablo - Vimeo 1080p HD

Pablo R.

"I decided to be an exploratory student because in high school I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do or what direction I wanted to take when it came to choosing my major."

Major and Career Exploration: Sarah

Sarah W.

"I was lucky enough to be able to take ASU 101, UNI 150, and I am currently in UNI 250. Some skills I learned from these three courses is that work ethic goes a long way, time management is very important in college, and I just got to know my strengths, my weaknesses, and my values."

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Akshay S.

"My experience in the program so far has been pretty amazing! I've been able to take classes that I want ... and I was also able to take up a sport!"


Major and Career Exploration: Stephfon

Stephfon H.

"I really didn't know where I wanted to go, what major I wanted to take, or what courses I even wanted to delve into, but UNI 250 has helped me with pinpointing my interests."

Major and Career Exploration: Evelin

Evelin G.

"As a first generation student, one of the worries I had was that I didn’t really know what to expect."


Major and Career Exploration: Laura

Laura R.

". . .I really enjoyed the Exploratory program and taking ASU 101 because. . .it makes you open your mind and see what other possibilities there are at ASU, so I would definitely recommend it to freshmen."

Major and Career Exploration: Cedar

Cedar S.

". . .in the course UNI 150, there are a lot of tools and assignments that are catered towards you as the subject - as the learning subject."