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2022 LEAD Showcase

ASU's Late Dining


There is a lack of accessible food for Arizona State students late at night. The lack of late-night food has many negative effects on the students, such as lower academic performance and mental and physical health deterioration. Our team aims to solve this problem by implementing food-making machinery and innovation, like vending and pizza-making machines. This will allow 24/7 accessibility since this would be placed near on-campus dormitories and buildings with high-volume foot traffic.

Sullivan Barton, Olivia Bell, Dominic Bruton, Alec Cannon, Jade Fischbeck, Cynthia Galvan, Alicia Herrera, Mustafa Osman, Ryan Quinn, Laith Sawalha, Evangelos Siourounis, Allie Woessner, Isabella Wyckoff