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The LEAD Program

What is the mission of LEAD?

The LEAD (Learn Explore Advance Design) program provides students with robust learning opportunities throughout their first year at Arizona State University. Course work helps students develop the cognitive skills needed to succeed at ASU and in the professional world. The program's design enables students to build meaningful relationships with each other and with their professors.

The LEAD program allows students to complete courses required in their major while assisting them with the development of the cognitive skills they need to succeed at ASU and in the professional world. Students will apply professional skills in the classroom by learning to work in groups, conducting undergraduate research, and developing a higher level of critical thinking and effective writing.

Additionally, each cohort is supported by a peer mentor. The mentor provides guidance and support to LEAD students as they transition from high school to college life. The LEAD program offers wrap around support for new students as they begin their successful college career.

Find out what makes the LEAD program unique.

LEAD program