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Choosing a major and career path can be one of the most important decisions you make. We’re here to work with you on this foundational part of your success story.

There’s a lot to consider when finding your academic and career path, and it might be daunting to figure out where to even begin.

This is where our advising and courses come in: we carefully curate and organize materials and action items to help you personalize and make the most out of your exploratory journey.

Exploratory Tracks

Exploring your interests and talents is a critical part of your university journey. Discover your strengths and passions through experiential opportunities and innovative exercises, and use time-tested tools to design a fulfilling career and life on your terms.

Students in the Explore program can pursue any one of four exploratory tracks:


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Exploratory Courses

Explore at University College offers major and career exploration courses.

UNI 150: Major and Career Exploration

Actively examine your motivations and discover majors and careers that fit you. Take assessments and clarify your interests, values and personality. Develop work-related competencies and research majors and careers you wish to consider. Meet with a working professional in an area of interest.

UNI 250: Choosing a Major

Prerequisite: UNI 150 with a C or better

Advanced, one-hour career development course helps students make a thoughtful selection of major and consider the career direction that fits best for them. Students complete advanced assessments of interests, personality, and values; investigate relevant majors and careers, including connecting with working professionals; learn effective decision-making strategies; identify barriers and resources; and make connections to new major department.

UNI 270: Career Direction for A Successful Future

Prerequisite: UNI 250 with a C or better

Actively engages students in their educational and career-planning process by exploring factors that influence personal decision making and planning for the future. Students examine their strengths and personal narrative, identify decision making factors, research career development and a particular career, and develop teamwork skills for the workplace.

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